3 years suspended sentence for the sale of gaming erotic cards

3 years suspended sentence for the sale of gaming erotic cards

You can hear information about how people were condemned or written out huge fines for publishing not very decent photos in closed groups on social networks. The legislation in this area is too outdated. It has not been reformed since the time of Independence.

You can get a prison sentence for selling playing cards with erotic images in Ukraine. It happened to a resident of Ternopil. The court sentenced him to three years probation for selling playing cards. It happened to him the second time. The decision was made by the Buchatsky district court of the Ternopil region. The man received a probationary period for one year. It means if an offense is committed within the next year, a person will definitely go to prison for three years.

A rather funny fact in this situation is the convicted person must pay 1307 hryvnia for an artistic examination. Professional investigators looked through the interesting pictures and had to prove the image on the playing cards was “pornographic”. Imagine, respected specialists looked at this, and then they received one thousand three hundred hryvnias for this.

Repeat offender’s “criminal past”

On January 11, 2020, a person committed such a terrible crime for the first time. He found a calendar at a public transport stop. It was possible to find images in this calendar are considered pornographic (according to the police and the court). The man sold this calendar to his friend in the town square near the fountains next day (the reader should remember this place). The man was sentenced to a fine of 850 hryvnia. This information is contained in the official court verdict.

On January 11, 2021, the man found 11 game cards with erotic images in his closet. The man sold these cards for 70 hryvnia to his friend in the same city park near the fountains next day. This repeat offender completely repeated his crime in the same way day after day. The man faced not a fine, but a suspended sentence. He had to pay for an artistic examination also.