Bullying and mobbing? What are these ? What impact they have on a person ?

Bullying and mobbing? What are these ? What impact they have on a person ?

These issues are especially acute among adolescents. But this also applies  adult members of society. Often adults do not know what is above their child mocked . They do not tell everything that happens to their at school, college or others places where they most often come into contact with their  peers. But sometimes parents, teachers and others just don’t notice or don’t want to notice what’s going on with the baby. Similarly adults  suffer bullying from colleagues. It leads to loss work and income.

The concept of bullying and mobbing

Bullying is the aggressive behavior of one or more people towards another. Also accompanied by physical and / or psychological pressure which may lead to further need appeal to doctors and psychologists. Anyone can become a victim of bullying.  There can be many reasons. From psychological deviation to issues of appearance. It is most often used in adolescence.

Mobbing is a psychological bullying that is most often used to release someone

another worker. There is a constant criticism, a spread of lies evidence of the person they are trying to get rid of and many other factors. Most often used in work teams when everyone is against each other.

What is needed to prevent bullying ?

Children stop learning well, shut themselves in and stop trusting surrounding due to bullying. The constant bullying reflects the desire not only to obtain knowledge at a decent level but also to visit educational establishments in order to avoid meeting with the aggressors. The intimidation is not given will be able to tell children all the details that affect their lives. In order to avoid bullying outbreaks as much as possible it is necessary to work with children social educators, psychologists. When there are even small manifestations of aggression against one another, then parents and teachers must first understand the abrupt change in the child’s behavior. As for mobbing the manager should think about the relationship between employees in the team. When an employer complains about the low quality of work, it probably does not notices the atmosphere that prevails in the team.

Discrimination of various kinds does not make it possible to work normally. The leader must understand working capacity of the employee does not depend on age, gender, skin color.
Professional skills are the primary value of the employee. So managers must monitor the relationship between employees and if necessary establish relationships or make drastic decisions.

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