Creation of the Bureau of Economic Security and Reform of the Security Service of Ukraine

Creation of the Bureau of Economic Security and Reform of the Security Service of Ukraine

The tax police, the SBU and the national police are often suspected of economic crimes. Many businessmen know what it means to «cooperate» with the investigation, how much to give a bribe so that the «roof» works calmly. You can expect the «Masks Show» if this is not done. They will take away all computers, documentation and will not allow honest business to work properly.

Why shouldn’t this be in a civilized country?

The situation is very difficult for business. It is very beneficial for law enforcement officers to deal with economic crimes. Receiving a bribe from a business or a petty robber is a completely different matter and the size of corruption. The situation is complicated for entrepreneurs by legislative chaos. In Ukraine, 3 law enforcement agencies are engaged in this. They are constantly competing with each other.

As a result, the effectiveness of the fight against economic crime in Ukraine is extremely low. If you look at the rankings of business freedom in the world, then our country occupies a low position. This is due to the raiding of law enforcement officers. Because of this, many investors do not want to come to Ukraine and open a business here. They can take everything away at any time. They cannot prove their case in an unreformed court. It is important for the civilized world to understand the clear laws of the state, where, if you work honestly, you will not be hindered. To finally overcome this chaos, the Verkhovna Rada voted for the creation of the Bureau of Economic Security.

What will the BES do?

It is not the first year the IMF, NATO, the EU and all international partners of Ukraine have been talking about the reform of the SBU. This organization should deal exclusively with the protection of the country: counterintelligence and the fight against terrorism, and not cover up illegal business and legal nightmares. The new body will be the only one to deal with economic crimes. These powers were taken away from the National Police, the SBU and the tax police. The latter will be finally dissolved. It has long been demanded by the IMF.

It will be easier for a business to work with only one regulator than with several. This bureau is called the analytical body will prevent economic crimes. The registry data will be used for this. There should be fewer high-profile searches and seizures of property and documents. The law provides the head of the newly created structure must be elected through a transparent competition. If they can elect an independent figure, as in the creation of NACB, an effective and independent body will emerge. If everything goes along the path of the SBI, the authorities will have another way to control those who disagree with him.

The main thing is to choose the honest and impartial leadership of the Bureau of Economic Security. So that the oligarchs and political elites do not stretch their people. Activists, international partners and the active community have a key role to play in developing honest business.