Do children need planed vaccination?

Do children need planed vaccination?

There are a lot of controversy has recently arisen about the vaccination. It is necessary, –  ones say, others prove the vaccine kills a child. Who to trust? And whether you agree to be vaccinated?

What is a vaccine?

It is a substance contains weakened or killed microorganisms can cause disease. There are many types of vaccines:

• Alive

• Inactivated

• Anatoxins

• Chemicals

• Synthetic

This is not a complete list of all types of vaccines. Not all of these are required in Ukraine. Planned vaccination includes vaccines against the hepatitis, tuberculosis, measles, rubella, mumps, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio. Some of these are injected together, ie in one syringe, and others are injected separately.

There are several basic methods of vaccination:

• Subcutaneously

• Oral vaccine

The most vaccines are given in the first and a half year of life. There are three hepatitis doses are inject in the first days of life, then on two and six months. There is a single injection of tuberculosis vaccine (BCG) for 3-5 days. Sometimes adults has several “scars” after vaccination on a hand. This is because the first dose did not have the desired effect.

The vaccines against measles, rubella and mumps (mumps) are given in the first and sixth years of life.

The vaccinations against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus are performed together. The vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus should be repeated every 10 years in adult. The polio vaccine enter at the same time but by another method.

Why is the vaccination effective?

The vaccination does not give a one hundred percent guarantee you will never get the tuberculosis of course. But people who have been vaccinated are easier to cure. There is a collective immunity. This means if 97 or 98 people out of 100 will be vaccinated, other will not get sick. The virus will be destroyed in a protected organism. The problems arise from the moment of entering a kindergarten. There are colds and seasonal VRI. Children have contact only with their parents before.

Why are there examples of death if the vaccine is such a good thing?

The vaccination is introduction process of a drug into the organism. The vaccination has side effects like any medication. The vaccines in ‘modern’ time have a very high level of purification. But sometimes there is a reaction. Some side effects can arise once in a million. This concept has the name “living error”. When one child has a rash or some other side effect then this example lends itself to publicity. The dozens of unconfirmed cases appear out of nowhere instantly. The government try to make money, – sounds from everywhere. A person cannot get infected through the eyes. It simply to see the vaccine did not work. But it is impossible to notice a positive effect.

The vaccination is a very important thing. It is better to make vaccines according to the medicine calendar. Ask your family doctor or pediatrician if you have any problems. You can choose a good specialist thanks to the UniExpert application.

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