Do I need to call a lawyer in an accident?

Do I need to call a lawyer in an accident?

Do you know how to stay calm in stressful situations? Not everyone can boast of self-control. It will be much easier if you know how to act. Emergencies on the road are random. You need to quickly navigate in such situations. So you need to know a certain algorithm of actions to reduce the number of problems.

What to do in an accident?
1. Assess your health and the health of your passengers

2. Call an ambulance (if necessary), police and notify the insurance company. if this is your fault – tell your insurance number to all participants in the accident. If not – you need to call the perpetrator’s insurance company.

3. Call a lawyer. Upon arrival of the police the lawyer will help you to collect all necessary forms and reports. It will be easier for a lawyer to defend you in a judge if he is saw the situation from the beginning

4. You need to do the alcohol test.

To protect your rights you you must have enough knowledge. Experts recommend using the services of a lawyer if possible. You can call the free legal aid service. Its number you can found in the UniExpert application.

The main mistakes in an accident

Lawyers advise: don’t change the location of cars. Even under reason: “Your cars interfere with traffic” or similar circumstances. The only thing can be the reason for changes in the car’s location – when the position of the car threatens human life or health.  Call an ambulance, insurance and police immediately. No need to try “agree on the spot.” You have not any documents confirming your rightness. It could lead to unpleasant situations in court. You must have a lawyer’s number talking to official instances.  Trying to leave the crash spot  is the main mistake. It is better to solve the problem by official methods  even if  your car is not badly damaged. Staying in the car is a bad idea. After the accident you need to leave the car immediately. First you need to shut down the engine. If the car was hit hard some of it spare parts may be damaged. This often leads to fire. Secondly some cars driving on the road may not notice the car and crash into it. It is useful to wait for the arrival of ambulance and police on the roadside. Remember to be on the highway is allowed only in a reflective vest.

Lack of evidence. While you wait for the police to arrive you can take as many photos as possible on your phone:

– Location of the car

– Vehicle damage

– Numbers of accident participants

All this will help to prove your rightness in a court. It is also a mistake to refuse to check what is written. If you are asked to sign something, be sure to read beforehand. If it’s not what you said, do not sign. It is better to fill aall documents with a lawyer. The UniExper help you to choose a quality lawyer. You can not only quickly evaluate the reviews about the lawyer but also choose a specialist whose office located near to you.

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