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All you have to do is choose the place and who you are looking for, then the interactive map will show the specialists closest to you. You can find out more information about public or private experts, find out their schedule work and familiarize yourself with the rating. It is based on the reviews of others users.

Previously you had to google such information to find the number of a particular civil service but nothing was confirmed as to its reliability. The UniExpert service changes the rules, because with its help you need to open your favorite application on your smartphone by clicking on the screen, and quickly and at any time receive vital information. How equivalent is the exchange: one second in a lifetime?

The emergency numbers are always at hand

The feelings become more important than logic when a person is experiencing a serious emotional shock. You can do wrong conclusions and choice of an ineffective action plan due to a state of passion. 

Psychologists advise: you need to calm down being in a stressful state. For example count to ten. It helps. You can analyze the situation and create an action plan when you start to control your mind. A person need to think: “Where to call?” when a dangerous situation arises. 

There are always special services. They are trained to solve certain problems.There is no way to look up emergency phone numbers on the Internet when every second counts. So it is very helpful to have the UniExpert in the phone.

It is always relevant vital information such as telephone numbers:

• Fire brigade, police and ambulance;

• Ministry of Health care;

• Service for combating violence;

• Government hotline;

• Service for combating human trafficking.

These are not all emergency numbers. The application also contains information about the nearest medical centers with a schedule of their work. So just press on your phone the UniExpert to take important steps to solve complex problems if you are in a state of shock and it is difficult to make the right decision.The Uni Expert collects the most important emergency numbers in one place. Everyone who needs help can get it.  Downloading the application to your phone -this is a small step to be able to react quickly in a complex situations and to do everything right.

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