How does the new payment technology FacePay24 from PrivatBank work?

How does the new payment technology FacePay24 from PrivatBank work?

Imagine you come to shop and there is no cash with you and no credit card. You can pay with your face. This is not fiction but reality. The PrivatBank has launched a new convenient feature. It is biometric payment for purchases thanks the FacePay24 technology.

How does it work?

The tablet is fixed on a special bracket to make it convenient for the customer to use front camera. The buyer has the opportunity to take a photo and the cashier does not participate in this process. The FacePay24 system checks to see if the two photos match:

? what was done earlier in the app

? what was done just now

The customer does not need to take out of a phone or wallet. You do not need to enter a PIN code if the payment is made within monetary limits. What you need to do for the FacePay24 work correctly:

✅ To have the Privat24 app on your smartphone or to upgrade to the latest version

✅ To activate the face payment function in the settings

✅ To take several selfies in the app from different angles (there will be clear instructions)

✅ To have a Visa card

It is important to inform the cashier that you want to pay for the goods with the FacePay24. Then look at the camera of the tablet and press the “pay” button. Then

the system compares the photo taken with others saved in the profile. The transaction is performed on coincidence in more than 90%.

The bank plans to launch the 7700 FacePay2s  in Ukraine by the end of 2020. They will be even more in the future. The Amazon Rekognition  was taken as the basis for the implementation face recognition project. This means that the bank’s customers may not worry about their personal data and security. The photos are not saved in the PrivatBank. They transferred to Amazon servers. The bank gets vector images from there for comparison. So personal information is not transmitted.

The technology not only checks whether the photos are compatible as well  to take into account the geolocation, purchase history of a particular user and other details that are intended to protect the buyer.

Do not be afraid you can not change your hairstyle now. The system successfully recognizes faces with a beard, wearing glasses, when changing hairstyles. It

also applies to discoloration of the eyes. The modern technologies are increasingly integrated into our lives facilitating and improving it.

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