How does violence affect a person? How does it manifest itself? How to counteract it and what is the UNIEXPERT?

How does violence affect a person? How does it manifest itself? How to counteract it and what is the UNIEXPERT?

Violence and abuse have become the main causes of suffering among children and teenagers. Why ? Does it often lead to accidents and deaths? Violence is possible describe as all actions are intentionally committed against another person, violating it dignity, rights and cause moral or physical harm. Violence can take place various forms. There all negatively affect the mental and emotional state of man. 

How does violence manifest itself?

Each type has its own characteristics and lead to different consequences. For example, physical violence – is the task of bodily injuries that lead to pain, disrupting the physical and mental health. There are following methods:

Attempts to suffocate

 Twisting hands




Throwing objects


It is another matter when emotional or psychological violence comes into play. As a rule it is more common in school, at home and on the street than physical. Psychological violence characterized by intimidation, threats, and verbal abuse. Psychological abusers use persecution, destruction of personal belongings as a kind weapons. It is also common to come up with derogatory nicknames or behave with a man as a servant. Parents may not notice how strongly and badly it’s all affect the child’s psyche. They may punish the child unreasonably, ignoring feelings or needs. This is a big mistake of parents. The suggestion of guilt and fear is also serious emotional violence. Lies, humiliation and accusations – the way to the destruction of the child’s psyche. How to counteract and protect against violence? How to use UNIEXPERT?

Abuse and violence are possible stop! In order to resist you need to react immediately and correctly. What should do a person has been the victim of violence or knows that someone is suffering from it?

Tell adults about the situation. First of all to the class teacher or parents

Do not walk alone. Better with friends.

Avoid places where there is a risk of becoming a victim of violence.

Psychologists believe that the main purpose of the attacker is to attract attention. Th tactic of ignoring is the best in similar situations.

You can also call the Anti-Violence Contact Center. The number is on the main page of the UNIEXPERT application. There are many useful contacts for children who can ensure their safety. Also the number of the police and the Verkhovna Rada on human rights. The main advice for a person who suffers from violence – do not be afraid to seek it assistance to other or special services. Law enforcement will definitely help and will do everything possible to stop the violence.

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