How is the delivery contract drawn up in 2021?

How is the delivery contract drawn up in 2021?

Such a simple operation as the supply of food must be properly legalized. This will save you unnecessary hassle in the future.

What is a food contract?

Do not confuse a supply contract with a sales contract. It is true to a certain extent. It is a kind of purchase and sale also.

Several criteria must be met to complete a food supply contract. Firstly, the product must be supplied by a business entity. Secondly, the supply must be carried out for commercial purposes, and not for personal purposes. It is impossible to conclude a contract for the supply of food products between:

✅ an individual entrepreneur and an individual

✅ an enterprise and an individual

✅ two people

Only the purchase and sale transaction should be used in the case of such transactions.

Consistency is required for the conclusion of supply contracts. It is a certain period of time during which there is a constant and uninterrupted supply of food. Nobody forbids drawing up an agreement for one delivery of goods, but there will be no legal difference between the purchase and sale agreement then. Different supply contracts can be distinguished. The year becomes the starting point, so contracts can be distinguished:

? Up to a year

? One-year

? More than a year

In the absence of a delivery date, the contract is deemed to be concluded for one year by default.

How to properly draw up a contract for the supply of goods?

There is no single legally correct model. Typically, a sample sales contract is used to draw up such a contract. It is recommended to conclude a contract in writing in order to avoid future disputes and court hearings. Of course, the judge can prove the existence of a supply contract in a different form. But it is additional time, nerves and money.

The food supply contract does not require formal approval. You need to put signatures to obtain validity. Its action begins from the moment of certification if it was notarized. You need to note what must be specified in the contract. Delivery times and quality of the goods must be specified in the contract. It is also necessary to indicate the terms of payment for the delivery of the goods. For a full-fledged contract, it is need to indicate responsibility for violation of quality or delivery time. Be sure to include the documentation comes with the product.

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