How is the delivery service regulated at the law level in Ukraine? What to do if the received order is not in good condition?

How is the delivery service regulated at the law level in Ukraine? What to do if the received order is not in good condition?

Over the past year, the number of deliveries of various products has increased significantly. The world is fundamentally changing its consumption model and fewer and fewer people come to restaurants and cafes to eat there. Everything can be ordered online, and couriers organize delivery home. But what if you receive an order of inadequate quality. For example, meat with an unpleasant smell or a spilled drink?

Experts advices

Unfortunately, according to the law, it is difficult to investigate such a situation. It is difficult to determine who is to blame for the inadequate quality of delivery: was the restaurant selling spoiled food or did the courier deliver the order incorrectly?

It is better to contact the delivery service. Their task will be to contact the catering establishment.
On the one hand, delivery services’ documents indicate they are not responsible for the quality of food.

However, on the other hand, it is very important for them to fight for their client and not to allow their reputation to deteriorate. So they will try to fix this, such as offering discounts on subsequent orders. Customers read and agree to the terms of use when registering in applications for ordering dishes.

Situations and amounts of compensation for possible “damage” are spelled out there.
For example, the Glovo service recommends to take photo the received product in such situations and contact the support service. After familiarization, the user will be able to receive compensation from the service. In addition, all unpleasant incidents will affect the rating of a particular courier. If the rating is low, the courier is disconnected from the system without the right to restore.

If a person paid for an order in the application, and then did not receive it or received it in an inappropriate quality, then there is no point in contacting the police. Such issues are not legally correctable. It all depends on how important the reputation is for the delivery company. The problem in the legislation is there is a certain law regulates the principles of activity in the food market. This applies specifically to manufacturers of dishes and products. But there is nothing about couriers, since officially they are not participants in this market. Therefore, they are not responsible.

Experts advise to carefully read the terms of use of courier services to demand compensation in case of disputes. Do not hesitate and inform your friends about unpleasant incidents. For example, by spreading information on social networks. This user behavior teaches the business it is better to immediately compensate for the damage caused to the customer than to suffer serious reputational losses.