How often you should check your health?

How often you should check your health?

The modern life rhythm is arranged so a person does not have enough time for anything but work. The constant stress at work leads to health problems.  The people lifestyle does not allow to do regular check-ups with a doctor. It happens doctors find a problem where it is not expected.

What tests do you need to do?

The first thing will help keep your health is a general blood test. He can be taken both from the finger and from the vein. What this analysis can show:

• The anemia

• The inflammatory process in the organism

• The human immunity state

Low levels of the red blood cells and the hemoglobin may be the first signs of the anemia. This disease is easily corrected in the early stages. The increase in white blood cell and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) may indicate chronic inflammatory process or its beginning in the organism. This may be a sign of postponed colds and one of the more serious diseases. It is also important to take a blood glucose test. Diabetes can develop in any age. It should be taken as often as possible. The diabetes is not diagnosed by a single test of course. The general urine test is a must also. This is an indicator of genitourinary work systems. The doctor can tell which part of this system is working with the disorders and prescribe the correct treatment. The general urine test can help detect diabetes also.

The annual check-up includes an electrocardiogram and a fluorography. The electrocardiogram evaluates the heart work. It can detect an asymptomatic myocardial infarction. The fluorography will indicate the tuberculosis, pleurisy or the tumor development.

It is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist also. This will help save the vision and take timely actions if necessary.

Do not forget about the dentist. The neglected teeth treatment can cause more problems. The timely treatment will be cheaper.

Women should visit the gynecologist and men the urologist every six months. Women must visit the mammologist annually after their 45 years. This applies to breast cancer screening. Take care of your health. It is better to visit the hospital once more than miss something really important.

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