How to divorce clearly? The family lawyer advices

How to divorce clearly? The family lawyer advices

Do you know how to divorce ? If there are no disputes in the family about common children and property then the marriage is dissolved by a  registry office. You have to apply and wait month for its approval. What to do when the situation is not perfect and how to divorce clearly?

The divorce in a court

There are different situations:

• one of the marrieds does not want to divorce;

• they do not have a common opinion about children future;

• such problems are solved by the court.

You will need to collect documents for the court. Professional family lawyer will help you. You can use the application UniExpert to choose a professional lawyer.
If one of the spouses is recognized:

• Incapable;

• Missing;

You must submit a document package to confirm this status. It would be good to agree on everything before a court hearing to save each other’s time. For example you need to sign a written contract. It will indicate who of the parents will live with children and what kind of participation will take the parent who lives separately.

What documents are required for divorce?

If the situation is ideal (the husband and wife divorce with the help of the registry office) it is enough bring only a marriage certificate and passports. The divorce with a court is a different situation. The list of required documents (each situation is individual, the list may differ):

– The copy of the lawsuit. It is sent to the defendant

– The receipt certifying the payment of the court fee

– The copy of the internal passport and the taxpayer code

– The birth certificate or passport ( if child is already 16 years old). The originals and copies accept.

– The marriage document. The original definitely.

It is important to note the court fee is 0.4 of the subsistence level. The divorce events must be documented. Use the professional family lawyer services.
It will save your time and effort.

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