How to earn while traveling – the experts recommendations

How to earn while traveling – the experts recommendations

Most people dream of travel around the world to visit different countries every year, communicate with new people. Limited financial resources is the problem for these citizens. People are very attached to their jobs and can’t to leave their job for a long time because they risk being left without means of subsistence. Is there a way out such a situation?

What is the Paycation?

Maybe you’ve heard of modern fashion on paid + vacation? It means getting your money back vacation or bring home some money after the trip. So people are trying earn when they are somewhere on vacation. You can have a good time. It is an acquaintance with a lot of new ones people and the opportunity to do something new. Such a holiday is very fashionable. There are less people come on vacation to passively lie on the beach, and try to spend time.

The 8 ways to make money on vacation

The best option is to work remotely. Work with laptop when you traveling instead of a stuffy office. This is beneficial for stability but this is often inconvenient due to the time difference. However some companies  work with foreign clients. Maybe this option will be convenient for them.

The freelancing is more popular in travel. Usually these are design work does not require constant pastime with a laptop. You can work while lying down and drinking a cocktail. You need to have a laptop and high-quality Internet access with you to do this.

The unusual income – selling your own photos. When you travel, your photos can be not only on social networks. They are bought by special services. For example, Shutterstock and Depositphotos are the popular photo banks. You just need to register. The classic way to make money from American films is to walk the dog. There were special services for this. For example DogBuddy. This is quite convenient. You can earn 15 euros for day just walking the dog. Explore new cities and great views in others countries during this time. It’s more fun with a dog than alone.

Many tourists find temporary work in another country while vacationing there. It is easier to generate income in areas such as restaurant business, training, tourism and real estate. There are more vacancies.

Another classic way to make money is to rent out an apartment while traveling. Your property will generate income. Some people in Kiev do this. They live in cheap tropical countries with the proceeds. There is another way: you can take care of the apartment for another traveler and thereby save on the trip.

The volunteering has become popular in recent years. It usually does not bring earnings. The volunteer programs cover housing and food costs. It gives an opportunity immerse yourself in another culture, improve your speaking skills and gain invaluable experience. The work may be different. There are  a care for animals in nature reserves or restoration of buildings. Or it is farm work or teaching in educational institutions.

It is not uncommon for travelers to become guides to earn money while traveling. This requires discuss the project with the thematic publication in advance. For example, a newspaper about travel wants to describe the rural life of southern Turkey in November. And you’re just going there.  You can bring photos, interviews with locals and other information is not you will receive from the Internet. The main thing is not to chase after big earnings. You go on vacation just for rest but with benefit. Have a good trips!

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