How to get away from video conferencing when you want to?

How to get away from video conferencing when you want to?

Calls to Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams quickly burst into our lives in 2020. You know why this happened. As a result, everyone realized any issue can be solved without leaving home: even if you are learning to play the violin or attracting investment in a startup. But in the age of millennials, the tool in this article should have appeared.

Sound the Excuse

Advertising agency TBWA London presented the project «Sound the Excuse».
The developers have recorded a «sound of apology» can be used as an excuse to stop the video conferencing. There are 22 options to get out of the conversation. The following among them:

? Baby crying

? Fire alarm

? Knock on the door

? A party at the neighbors

? Food delivery

? Buzzing from the invasion of wild bees

? The funniest – «oh, am spilling coffee on a laptop»

All sounds can be found on the project website. You can add them to Bookmarks if necessary.

Zoom Fatigue

There is a special diagnosis – zoom fatigue. According to experts, video calls overload the brain, and the need to see your face is considered an additional stressful factor.

Psychologists are advising to reduce the number of calls. We think these are the same psychologists who advise «get more rest».

According to the creative team TBWA, the company is helping to combat the oppression of endless video conferencing. This question requires a solution, but our question is – why is it okay to lie ? Let’s teach people to tell: «I have a moral overload, sorry, see you tomorrow». Why people create a company helps lie.

We are in favor of people protecting their personal boundaries and communicating personally, rather than turning on the sounds of repairs from neighbors in order to avoid the need to do something «in an adult way».