How to get free legal aid and online help? And how the UNIEXPERT will help ?

How to get free legal aid and online help? And how the UNIEXPERT will help ?

Ignorance of the law does not absolve from responsibility.
It is necessary to teach current legislation and their right. If not,
you need to know the professionals who are able to provide necessary legal assistance. Then you can more effectively protect your interests and your own rights.

How to get free legal aid?

It is important to keep in mind that everyone is guaranteed the right to free legal aid Constitution of Ukraine. The citizen has the right to receive free information about their rights, the procedure for their implementation, and also restoration of rights if they have been violated. For example free is to make a competent statement, complaint and other legal documents. The only exceptions are procedural documents. Legal advice is also free.  You can contact one of the regional centers for legal assistance.  If this is not possible, you can contact the free legal aid system by phone or write an email.

Why is it useful to use free legal aid?

It is not too difficult to get legal advice. There are more than five hundred  in Ukraine. They are located not only in regional centers, but also in small towns. To get a free expert consultation you do not need any documents. However for an effective dialogue it is better to take all the materials with you. Also vulnerable people have the opportunity to get a free lawyer for

protection of their own interests in court. So everyone becomes equal before the law. First of all it islow-income people.

Why is it profitable to have the UNIEXPERT application?

Emergencies in life can happen at any time. And you should know at least the basics,

which will help to save. The UNIEXPERT posted the most important numbers. There is a legal aid number is  available in this app. Just click on the number and it will immediately be transferred to “Calls”. It is convenient it  also includes anti-violence and anti-trafficking numbers. These are important contacts to protect rights and freedoms.

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