How to get rid of hypertension and is it dangerous?

How to get rid of hypertension and is it dangerous?

Do you know which factor is the most dangerous for healthy ? Few people know. This is stress. That fact confirm modern research. The danger from this “minor problem ” more than from the ecology, polluted air, and “bad” food. The stress causes high blood pressure and hypertension. A disease is underestimated in society.

What are the main dangers of high blood pressure?

Nervous maladaptation and a significant decrease in immunity are just some of all the problems. Common and unpleasant problems also include:

· Development of metabolic syndrome;

· Endocrine diseases;

· Increased blood pressure;

· Weight gain.

The maladaptation of the nervous system is manifested by symptoms of heaviness of the head, the excessive fatigue appearance and irritabilityand headaches. In the endocrine system the thyroid gland take The danger of the stress. It causes thyroid disease, diabetes and hormonal disorders. These diseases can occur in both men and women. The hypertension causes many unpleasant symptoms. There are a discomfort in the heart, an accelerated palpitations, an arrhythmia and a high blood pressure. The latter symptom is very dangerous. Mostly young active people  suffer from this ailment who are not used to paying attention to such “little things”. High blood pressure is characterized by compensatory spasm of the vessels of the heart. It means it will be not enough blood for the heart. It causes microinfarctions. Experts note people with high blood pressure begin to suffer from atherosclerosis earlier. They have a high chance to having a stroke.

How protect oneself from the hypertension and complications from the disease?

Did you know the leading cause of death in the world is cardiovascular disease? Taking care of your health is easier than it seems. First of all it is important to get as little stress as possible. The meditation, exercises and plenty of rest will be helpful to calm down.

It is important to measure blood pressure often. Anyone can buy a device for this. If you experience heart pain be sure to see a doctor for advice and

passing a cardiogram. It is also useful to undergo a preventive research. There are many quality medical centers. Thanks to the UniExpert application you can find the necessary medical institution quick and comfortable.

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