How to make money on investing? Where to invest in Ukraine?

How to make money on investing? Where to invest in Ukraine?

Do you know the financial crises usually open up opportunities for the investment? But many people are instinctively afraid to invest when it is the changes time in the stock market. Are they doing right? What do financial experts advise you to do?

The financial crisis in the international economy

The stock markets in the United States fell sharply for the first time in decades. There are many reasons for this but the first of all it happened because the economies in different countries are fast closed due to the quarantine to counter the pandemic.

The experienced economists understand when there is a sharp decline in the economy ( namely correction in the market ) the return of stock indices to the prior indicators will be enough quickly. Now the ‘spring’ bent at the beginning of the crisis is straightening very quickly. The world economy is growing now. It happens  due to the certain economic factors:

• The cyclical securities’s growth such as the airlines, banks and hotels

• More than one and a half trillion dollars are out of the market

• The quarantine measures’s weakening in most countries of the world

The investment experts advise to remember there are certain risk factors in our troubled times. It must be considered to create a successful investment strategy. What points to consider? The risk factors for the future investment:

1. The trade wars between the United States and China.

2. The second wave of the Covid-19 may come in the autumn.

The investments in Ukraine

The international economic crisis affects on the situation in our country. The investing in Ukraine is profitable especially now. The domestic government bonds loans is profitable solution. The experts recommend to note to the undervalued asset namely corporate bonds. The income from such investments is higher than from the bank deposits. There are many bonds of the popular companies:

• The LLC New post

• The JSC Ukrposhta


• The TAScombank

• The JSC Alfa-Bank

The LLC Nova Poshta and the LLC EVA  are the most popular among investors. Talking about the first company their bonds are bought at 14.5% per annum. The successful Nova Poshta’s financial results are the reason why this company is in demand not only for the consumers of services but also for the investors. Shares from the EVA chain of stores bring in 14% per annum. The brand’s position is not bad. The shops remained open during the quarantine.

The buying the Ukrposhta’s shares is not an easy task. The minimum amount of the bonds is 100 thousand UAH and that’s it only under the order. The yield is only 11%.

It is profitable to invest in real estate while its value is reduced. The income will be substantial while the business is not working at full strength. Follow the experts’s advice and invest well.

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