How to pay administrative fines?

How to pay administrative fines?

Do you a law-abiding citizen? If you are not violate traffic rules, do not get into fights, pay taxes, it is not protect you from troubles. So if you get a payment receipt you need to pay immediately.

What are the types of administrative fines?

You need to understand you can get a fine not only for driving in intoxicate condition or for petty hooliganism. Fines are imposed for:

– Late payment of taxes

– Traffic violations were recorded by the camera

– Being in an unauthorized place

– Offenses covered by the law on hooliganism

– False information in the declaration of own wealth and business

There are many such reasons. You can get a fine for late delivery of the certificate. You have not to assume that you will never deal with such a problem. Neither at school nor at university are not explained how to pay fines properly. That’s why such a simple procedure for a lawyer causes difficulties for many other people.

What to do if you receive a payment for an administrative fine?

You need to know the payment must be made no later than fifteen days after getting help. Of course you can appeal the decision if it is not legal. If refusals to you – it must be paid no later than the fifteenth day after the appeal. If the fine was received by a person under the age of sixteen or without self-employment finances will be charged to parents or guardians. Payment of the fine is made in any Bank of Ukraine except if it is necessary to eliminate the fine “on the spot”. Such features provided by the law of Ukraine. When the fine is late or non-payment the administrative case will be transferred to the appropriate forced payment service. A penalty will be charged in this case.

To pay you should apply to any bank in Ukraine. You need to have:

– Identity document (passport, driver’s license, passport)

– Individual taxpayer number

– Protocol (decision on imposition of a fine)

You can use the service of bank employees. Ask them for help in working with terminal. You can transfer all the details yourself or pay a fine at the cash desk in bank. Take a receipt and bring it in a service issuing a fine.

If possible it is better to use the services of a lawyer. It will help to file an appeal. If it is rejected the specialist will help to pay the fine correctly. Bill for payment of fines can also be viewed on the website of the State Treasury of Ukraine. It is useful to use convenient the UniExpert application. There is a free legal aid number and a lot of important information.

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