How to recognize a person missing or dead?

How to recognize a person missing or dead?

Do you know how many thousands of people go missing in Ukraine every year? Such statistics is done on the basis of how many times the state authorities recorded the person is missing. How this procedure is carried out? How to recognize a person missing or dead?

What conditions are needed for a person to be considered a failure?

A person may be declared missing if there is no information about where he is during the year in the person’s permanent place. There are situations when it is not possible to set the exact date when the last time there was information about the person in the permanent residence place. The competent authorities testimonies are taken when it is necessary to understand from what date a person did not appear at his permanent place of residence. The first day of the following month is taken as a basis if there is no specific date. The first day of January of the following year is indicated when it is unknow the last month when person appeared at his permanent place of residence.

How is a person declared dead?

The difference between these two procedures is the information absence about a person’s whereabouts should not be one year, but three years. This amount of time decreases under certain conditions. You can get an official death certificate in six months if a person has disappeared under life-threatening or conditions assume death. A person can be considered officially dead one month after the completion of the special commission formed if there was a certain man-made or natural emergency.

What to do to declare a person missing?

It is necessary to go through the prescribed law procedure. You need to write and submit an application to the court. The court can be chosen for the place of the applicant residence or the person whose whereabouts are unknown. You need to provide some information in such statement. It is necessary to indicate why you are looking for a person.

It is necessary to confirm the person absence also. It is the facts of the accident for example. That’s all. There is no need to apply anywhere else. The court finds out the circle of people with whom the missing person could contact:

• Relatives

• Neighbors

• Employees

• Friends

These must be people who can testify about the wanted person whereabouts. The court requests the information from the relevant organizations located at the place of the missing person residence also.

What is the result of recognizing a person missing?

The notary has opportunity to describe the property and choose guardianship for it as soon as the court decision comes into force. The guardian has the right to dispose of the property. He has the right to pay the debts of the owner at his expense. Such a court decision allows for the divorce or parental rights deprivation.

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