How to register a land share ownership?

How to register a land share ownership?

Did you know every owner of unallocated land must issue a right ownership of their shares? This applies to heirs to this territory also. It is the current legislation of Ukraine requirement. You need to register the property rights before early 2025. It will automatically be considered the owner does not need the land. The territories will become territorial communities property also called UTC (they were created under the decentralization reform).

How to register a land share as your property?

You must be the true owner of your land to be a participant in the land market. This will create opportunities for owners to officially sell theirs property. To register a land share ownership you need to go through certain bureaucratic features.

You need to contact the local government. A list of documents must be provided:

• An application with a request to allocate a land share in the area

• A document confirming a person’s right to own a land share

Local officials should check the documents authenticity and to make a decision on the allocation of land shares. The next step is an appeal to the land management organization. It is necessary for developed technical documentation.

It is important to note the land management project must be approved by the central executive body. Their apparatus have a body monitors the implementation of state policy about land using. You need to register your rights with a notary after that.

How to register the ownership rights with a notary?

The applicant may apply to both a public and a private notary. To choose a qualified specialist is not difficult now. It is useful to use the UniExpert application. There is a large number of notaries. You can choose the one closest to you.

You need to provide original documents about property and a receipt of payment of the administrative fee to register land ownership with a notary. And that’s all you need.

You need to go to a court to determine another term for ownership registration if you do not have time to register by 2025. Especially if the UTC becomes a land share owner it is prohibited from selling  a plot  to someone other than the owner for seven years.

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