How Ukrainians make money on the US economy and in what direction it is developing?

How Ukrainians make money on the US economy and in what direction it is developing?

Do you know the situation with the US economy? Why should you be interested in this? America has the largest economy in the world. It is closely linked to all the leading countries. It will affect the Ukrainian economy also if something happens to this financial machine.

If there is a panic on the global stock markets large players will start getting rid of the hryvnia and buying a more reliable currency to protect their assets. This will lead to inflation in Ukraine and an economic downturn. This is one of the reasons why we need to monitor the US economy. How not only to lose money but also to make money during the financial crisis?

Why the conflicting data comes from America?

The US economy has been hit by the coronavirus crisis. The country’s GDP contraction reached 33% in the second quarter of 2020. This is record datas. They demonstrate the seriousness of the situation. The indices on the US stock exchange confidently and quickly grow despite the difficulties in the economy.

For example the S&P500 index reached 3,500 points in September 2020. This is a historic maximum. This index shows the value of the 500 most valuable US companies on the stock market.

Another important index for America – NASDAQ – also rose significantly to 12,400 points. This is the success of the stock market. But why is this happening despite the significant economic decline?

The country’s leadership has lowered the lending rate to minuscule interest rates so that banks can provide very cheap loans to small and medium-sized businesses to reduce the growth of unemployment and the decline in GDP. The part of funds goes to the destination. But most of them are used by banks to manipulate the exchange.

The indices are not only growing rapidly making investors are richer but also increase their value because of this hype among investors. This bubble cannot grow, so it will burst at some point.

How can Ukrainians make money on the US economy?

If you invested a thousand dollars in the S & P500 in March 2020, you would have $ 5,000 now. Such opportunities should be used to make money while the US stock market is growing. For example Ukrainians can use services such as Libertex and others. This will allow using more than two hundred financial instruments. There are cryptocurrencies, metals, energy, stocks on US stock exchanges.
It is important for start-up investors to follow standard economic laws. If the economy falls rapidly, it will grow rapidly soon. it will help you to earn.

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