Is it possible to go through all stages of the judicial system without a lawyer?

Is it possible to go through all stages of the judicial system without a lawyer?

In a free country every citizen without legal education can create and send lawsuits, write letters of appeal and complaints by himself. In the law does not require to have a lawyer to do such actions. This is the right you can use if you want to.

Is it worth to do in a court without the services of a lawyer?

There are several situations when this can happen. Purely there is a financial problem when civil rights are protected without a lawyer. There are also citizens who are completely confident in their own knowledge and life experience so they want to try to protect themselves. As demonstrated legal practice this rarely leads to the results expected before the court consideration.

To protect your rights it is not enough to read a few laws. For this you need to be well acquainted with the public procedural code. It is important to understand judicial practice, to know in which cases the court satisfies the requests of citizens and in which not. And why exactly this happened.

It would be useful not just a lawyer but a specialist who already has significant experience in different cases and knows what can go wrong and how to plan a defense strategy. So the lawyer is an important argument and significant help to make successful stages of the judicial system.

If a person appears in court alone it is very useful to understand how court hearings in such cases. It is important to understand in what order each of the parties should act and how to speak. And more importantly to know what is better to keep quiet about.

It would be useful to visit a similar court hearing to make your own conclusion about what to prepare for. So as not to make a mistake. It would be useful to see how a certain judge works before your case is heard meeting. It is useful to learn about this representative of Themis as much as possible. For example his beliefs, attitudes and views.

Why is it better to use the services of a professional lawyer?

 You are try your own strength and knowledge to defend your interests. But having an experienced specialist nearby will be quite appropriate.

The court is a serious case in real life and there will be no opportunity to repeat if something goes wrong. If a person does not have the financial means to obtain legal aid it is not necessary to get nervous because in Ukraine everyone can to get free legal aid. These numbers you can get on the main page of the UniExpert application. You can also easily choose a lawyer among those professionals who are close to you. Their addresses and contact details is noted. Consultation with a professional is not superfluous.

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