The alimony in 2020

The alimony in 2020

Millions of people have faced the alimony. There are children and mothers who wait for it and fathers who do not pay. What is the situation in 2020? How to receive the alimony ? What should be done to prove the right to receive them?

How to file a lawsuit?

The Family Code of Ukraine states parents must provide for their child until she becomes an adult. The alimony amount must be of sufficient level to ensure the harmonious child development.

The parents have the right to agree on the alimony amount will be paid by one of them. The court will decide about it if parents cannot reach an agreement.

The parent with whom the child lives permanently has the right to apply to the court. The child may file a lawsuit too. The documents package must contain:

• a statement

• a child birth certificate

• a marriage or divorce certificate (a document copy)

• a passport and taxpayer number

• an evidence the defendant has income

• a certificate confirming the plaintiff lives with the child

It is not necessary to pay a court fee. Everything costs are charged to the defendant.

How is the alimony amount determined?

The court takes into account different aspects. The court should take into account the alimony payer has other children or one of the incapable close relatives: the wife, husband, mother, father or no.

The court assesses the child and alimony payer financial situation to determine the alimony amount. The child’s health condition affects the amount of child support also. It is important to consider what property are at the disposal of both parties.

The court must check the alimony payer’s source of income if he have unreasonable costs.

How is the alimony paid?

There are two main forms of child support. The first is when a fixed monetary form is prescribed. It can be a percentage of the alimony payer income. The payments amount can not be less than half of the subsistence minimum amount is determined relative to the child age. Children under the age of six and from 6 to 18 have different living wages under the law.

The law prescribes from what income the alimony can be deducted. It is concerning wages. But the court takes into account the following types of income also:

• student scholarships

• pensions

The alimony may be collected in the past. But the period is not may be greater than as ten years since the writ of execution of the court. Such judicial meetings are often quite complex. It is not always you can prove your rightness. It is very useful to contact a family lawyer who will help to understand all the difficulties and prepare the right strategy in a court.

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