The cardiovascular pathology. Why is this a serious disease in the world?

The cardiovascular pathology. Why is this a serious disease in the world?

Did you know 25 million people in Ukraine have a cardiovascular diseases? Their number is growing constantly. The cardiovascular disease is on the top in mortality plate. No other disease is equal in harm from this.

What is the CVS (cardiovascular system)?

It can be divided into:

– the heart violations

– the vessels violations

The heart’s diseases include heart defects (acquired or congenital), heart insufficiency, cardiac arrhythmia (extrasystole, arrhythmia, tachycardia etc.), inflammatory heart disease (myocarditis, pericarditis), impaired patency (AV block, SA block, bundle of His block).

The vascular diseases include coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension.

What is the leading cause of death and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from this?

The myocardial necrosis is formed as a result of CVS. There is a lack of oxygen in organism. It can occur as a result of atherosclerotic vascular occlusion. It narrows the lumen of blood vessels. It can form complete vessel’s blockage. It leads to rupture of the vessel.

The blood can be quite thick preventing the heart from pumping it freely. It occurs due to an increase in HDL (high density lipoprotein). It is a prerequisite to atherosclerosis.

Low public awareness and mentality are very significant. Men think they shouldn’t complain about unimportant issues and they ask for help too late.

It happens that a person suffers from a myocardial infarction “on his feet”. It seems like a little discomfort and a man feels such symptoms are not serious for own health. Of course no one goes to the hospital or surrenders no tests. A focus of necrosis is formed as a result. It can cause of death at any moment. A timely visit to the doctor can save a person’s life. Do annual medical examinations! It’s important! Older people should do a cardiogram regularly (at least once for a year).

Consult a doctor at the slightest sign of illness. Usually the first signs of the heart disease is shortness of breath, swelling in the lower extremities, fatigue, discomfort in the heart after physical activity.

Many people believe high blood pressure is the norm with age. They get used to 140 by 90. It becomes the norm. Remember! A pressure of 120 to 80 is normal. You do not need to get used to another.

What are the main risk factors?

The main risk factors are quite banal things:

1. Ussing of drugs and tobacco

2. Excessive ussing alcohol

3. Low physical activity

4. Overweight

5. Increasing the level of sugar in an organism

6. Improper nutrition and daily routine

Can a person give up all this or minimize it? Of course you can. But whether it  guarantees the life without cardiovascular pathology? Unfortunately no. There is a genetic factor also.

Adjust your lifestyle and diet, quit tobacco. It will help reduce the risk of disease.

You shouldn’t completely give up fried food and mayonnaise and start training for 10 hours a day. Eat more steamed food than fried for prevention. The walking for 1 hour a day reduces the risk cardiovascular disease. The 1 hour of evening walk is 4-5 km. Besides it improves sleep and normalizes metabolism.

Be sure to consult professional doctor when you experience symptoms of cardiovascular disease. It is possible to choose the best medical center beside you in the UniExpert application. Users leave their feedback to help you make your choice and protect your own health.

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