The documents confirmation issued by the foreign states judiciary

The documents confirmation issued by the foreign states judiciary

Have you ever received the documents not in Ukraine? The agreements between states allow them to be legal in our state. You need legalized them in Ukraine to use. How to do it ? What confirmation procedure is valid in Ukraine ?

So what the using documents features issued by the foreign states on the territory of Ukraine?

The documents issued abroad must be officially certified in Ukraine. What are the most popular methods for such procedure:

1. The apostille

2. The consulate legalization

The first option is much simpler than the second. It is a simplified method for the foreign documents legalization. The apostille is used in a limited number of states ratified the Hague Convention. It took place in the early 1960s. It is conveniently to use the apostille because you need to contact one authorized authorized body. There is not with many as in consular legalization.

The documents have passed the apostille can be used in all countries the Hague Convention united. It is conveniently for foreigners. There is no need to go through the bureaucratic procedures in every country.

How is the documents consular legalization?

You need to contact several government agencies. There is no the process specific plan. The procedure will be depend on the country in what the document was received and its type. So it is important to use the professional lawyer services for timely and effective procedure. You can easily choose an experienced expert using the UniExpert application.

The consular legalization effect extends only to the country where this procedure was conducted. It is important for the process to provide either the original document or a copy what must be certified.

What documents are forbidden to legalize in Ukraine?

1. The documents may harm the Ukrainian interests or encroach on citizens dignity and honor

2. The documents contradict the Ukrainian law

3. The weapons permits

4. The documents issued by officials in excess of their authority

The documents legalization is not necessary in Ukraine in some situations. There are countries-participants in the Minsk Convention. It abolish the documents legalization between the signatory countries agreement. You need to translate the documents into the state language and approve the translation in notary only.

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