The domestic flights innovations

The domestic flights innovations

How often do you travel by domestic flights in Ukraine? There are more and more opportunities for plane travel inside the country lately. The flights number has increased and fares reduced. Some routes cost from Kherson to Lviv is approximately equal to the amount to be paid for the bus travel for example. The difference in travel time is significant.

Let’s talk about the innovations for domestic flights

The Boryspil International Airport has made some additions to the technological instructions. The State Aviation Service of Ukraine were approved these changes. These changes are aimed at a greater level of comfort for passengers. It is not necessary to have a citizen passport or a foreign biometric document with yourself if you are registered in the “Action” application. You can have your digital passport here. This opportunity working in test mode for the Boryspil Airport passengers who use domestic flights in Ukraine.

How to use the “Action” application?

You should have your documents in electronic version. When you arrive at the airport you need to show the smartphone at the security checkpoint (having previously opened the “Action” application ). The airport staff will scan the QR code and you will be able to fly domestic flights.

If you do not have electronic documents in the application you need to do a few simple steps:

1. Download “Action”

2. Log in the application

Use the BankID or the MobileID accounts for the latter. It is enough to have an authorized mobile application of a popular Ukrainian bank in your phone.

The digital documents should appear automatically after authorization if the registers have complete data. Everyone is encouraged to use a new functionality at the testing stage. The system will work perfectly if it will be more such customer. It is better to have an identity document at the test time.

Remember this feature is only for domestic flights. You can not use the “Action” application to registration for international flights. The electronic documents completely replace paper in all spheres of life. It’s comfortable.

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