“The drunk driving”, how do police officers manipulate this article?

“The drunk driving”, how do police officers manipulate this article?

It is not uncommon for police officers to manipulate the driver’s weakness. All tricks are used to extract confessions. How do they manage to manipulate ? How to protect yourself from them?

The provocation with false records of violations

Imagine a situation, the owner of a vehicle is inside his car and drinks alcohol. He does not drive a car. He just has nowhere to drink, for example.

The police come up and say they have a video of a drunk driver driving a car. Most often, there are no such records. They bluff to get confessions from the driver.

As the lawyers recommend, you should not panic in such situations. It is important to remember the presumption of innocence. The police must prove that a particular driver drove a car at a certain time to bring a person to justice. It will be useful:

✅ not to admit what you did not do

✅ indicate in the report that the driver did not drive the vehicle

These rules do not apply to situations with alcohol intoxication only. The provocation method can be used by police officers in any violation is suspected.

The hospital self-examination provocation Imagine a driver who is stopped

He is suspected of being drunk. And it is not true. You need to go for an examination to check this. The man is busy. He has no time to sort things out.

The police suggest generously the driver refuse to be tested for alcohol intoxication and go to the hospital to get a doctor’s opinion when it is convenient. This is a mistake. This is because refusing to take the test is tantamount to drunk driving.

Such simple machinations by the police can deprive a person of a driver’s license and require a qualified lawyer. Remember the examination must be carried out in the presence of a police officer, otherwise the court may not take such a document into account if you go to the doctor yourself.

The police do not invite you to the hospital. The stages of alcohol testing cannot be changed by the police, as the law establishes a clear procedure for them. The driver must be asked to use the Drager, a device that quickly but inaccurately indicates the degree of intoxication.

If the driver does not agree with the results of this device or does not want to use it, the police should invite the person to go to a medical facility. A specialist can check the driver’s condition.

The police do not like this procedure

The police are required to take the offender to the hospital, make an appointment with a doctor or wake up the doctor, depending on the time of day. They must draw up additional protocols and other bureaucratic formalities also.

It is much easier for the cops who receive our taxes to outsmart the driver. For example, they can write two acts based on the results of Drager. In one, indicate “agree”, and in the other “disagree”, and then push the driver to sign both. The second copy is given to the driver, and the first to their.

This is an insidious trick. The lawyers never stop reminding clients to read everything before signing. It is better to call a lawyer who will definitely help you in all situations.