The Face Reader System?

The Face Reader System?

All countries strive to ensure the safety of their citizens and to be a safe destination for tourism. Singapore will become the first country in the world to use facial recognition in its national identification system.

How will it work?

This technology will be integrated into SingPass digital identity schemes and allowed access to government services. So it is impossible to fully live in Singapore without allowing the authorities to scan your face. This will be a mandatory procedure, for example, as now there are no questions when it is registering fingerprints to obtain an identity card in Ukraine.

The technology not only identifies a person, but also ensures that the person is actually present at the time of the scan. Fake presence, substitute a photo will not work. Thus, people will regularly provide the government with information about their whereabouts.

What does this mean for Ukrainian citizens?

It is likely that we will also introduce this identification system in the future. Consider the innovations for our realities:

? Most of us use smartphones with this technology. Key difference because the smartphone uses facial recognition with our consent. Most often this function is used to unlock your smartphone. But this feature can be disabled in the settings.

But Singapore government technology won’t ask permission and will scan faces using cameras. The entire population of the country will be under the control of law enforcement agencies as a result.

? The question of the time when such technology will appear in Ukraine. But we need to understand our realities and the fact that we are not in Singapore, Europe or the United States. Courts and police in these countries work well and protect the law. Therefore  such technologies can not only protect citizens, but also have negative consequences in our latitudes.

Imagine such a technology now in Belarus. There will be no need to detain people at rallies in front of everyone. You can let everyone go home. And then find out the identity of those who were at the rally using this technique, and arrest them at their place of residence.

Each technology has two sides of the coin.

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