The father’s rights in Ukraine

The father’s rights in Ukraine

Every man is guaranteed the right to paternity by law. This is a reason for divorce if the wife cannot give birth to a child or does not want to. But this is not the whole list of rights that the child’s father has.

Are the rights of mother and father equal?

It is believed the mother has more rights to the child than the father. This view is confirmed when the place for the minor child residence is chosen and when the court takes the side of a woman. Very rarely decisions are made in favor of the father in such cases. Substantial evidence must be provided that the child will actually be better off with the father and not with the mother.

The parents have equal rights and responsibilities despite to world-famous judicial practice. Similarly children have equal responsibilities and rights in respect of both parents.

What rights does the father have?

A father can participate in the choosing names and surnames of a child in Ukraine.
If the parents have the same surname, then this surname goes to the child. If the surnames are different, then the child is given a double surname or the parents decide which one to choose.

The father is equal in rights with the mother in choosing the methods and techniques of raising the child if any comply with moral principles and the law. The father has the right to unimpeded communication with the child if the right is not limited by law. The court may deprive a father of parental rights and then he will not be able to communicate with the child. This applies not only live meetings as well as communication via e-mail and social networks.

A father has the right to protect his child and may also apply to organizations dealing with children’s rights. You do not need to get special authority because the father is the child’s legal representative.

The father can receive financial assistance from an adult child in case of disability or severe illness.

How are disputes concerning parental rights resolved?

Parents have disputes over their rights and responsibilities sometimes. Such disputes are decided either through a court or an authority of guardianship and trusteeship. What can these situations be? Parents cannot decide which name to choose for their child for example. Or when parents need to decide with whom the child will live after their divorce.

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