The new schooling rules: what should parents know?

The new schooling rules: what should parents know?

There is controversy about how quickly children spread the Covid-19. Some experts believe children do not spread it, others say the threat is more than it seems. There is a weakening for the youngest school children but there are many changes for others in school life compared to the quiet last year. What should parents prepare to?

What measures are being introduced for the teachers and school children safety?

Every school worker must be tested for respiratory symptoms diseases by measuring temperature. It is desirable that the specialist did it himself at home and if it is a temperature above 37.2 informed his chief and a doctor. Mass temperature measurements are not required for all students. This issue is decided by the school’s management and medical professional.

Students in first, second, third and fourth grade are not required to wear masks. But this does not mean that this should not be done at all. The main thing is to teach the child to use this protection correctly. It will be useful because the virus will not spread quickly if one of the children becomes infected.

Children from the fifth grade in schools must wear protective masks during breaks. It is also important for the child to have several protective masks a day to change them periodically. An antiseptic will never be superfluous. But if you can choose between antiseptic and hand washing with soap the latter option is more priority.

The decree of the Ministers Cabinet of Health states that the local government is obliged to provide schools with masks in the required quantity. But it is not specified what to do if there is not enough money for this. The law on secondary education does not prohibit parents from making donations to the school.

The ventilation should be the norm. This should be done at each break for ten minutes. The movement around the school will be limited. So all lessons have to take place in the same class. The Ministry of Health recommends to conduct lessons on open space if possible.

It is very important that educational institutions draw up individual breaks and lessons plans for each class. It is necessary to create conditions for children to be in mass groups as rarely as possible.

The recommendations of the Ministry of Health are good and the school staff will try to fulfill them in the best possible way. But the main hope is in the parents. They should educate children about the dangerous virus. Tell your children to be careful and how important it is to maintain social distance.

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