The residence permit in Ukraine. How to get?

The residence permit in Ukraine. How to get?

Did you know a lot of foreigners come to Ukraine? To study, work or family reunification. A foreigner needs to issue a residence permit to be officially in Ukraine for period of time. It can be temporary and permanent. The temporary certificate is issued when a person comes to Ukraine for the first time. Then people consolidate their status with a certificate of permanent residence when they living in our country for some years.

How to get a temporary residence permit?

Ukrainian legislation spells out the people groups list who have the right to register a temporary residence. What are the reasons?

1. Getting secondary or higher education

2. Work as a correspondent or be a foreign media organizations representative

3. Employment contract

4. The close relatives presence in Ukraine

This is no complete list. The decision to issue a certificate may be adopted if it the state necessary.

How to get the residence permit in Ukraine?

You need to collect the necessary documents for this. They include an identity card, a payment state tax receipt for this service and documents give the right to obtain a certificate. The documents package may differ given the conditions allow you to live a long time in Ukraine. So it is useful to consult with lawyer to obtain the required document with the highest probability. It is better to use the UniExpert to find for a professional.

You need to apply to the migration service with the necessary documents. You need to apply at the foreigner residence place. Then they issue a residence permit or refuse. But they explain what needs to be improved.

How to apply and how much does the service cost?

You can submit documents for consideration independently if you have reached the sixteen age. The parents or guardians presence is required if not.

Person’s relatives can apply (if the visit purpose is family reunification) if a person is incapacitated or with limited legal capacity.

How much to pay for a temporary residence permit? The full price formed from three points:

1. The administrative services cost is 517 UAH

2. The state duty is 34 UAH

3. The administrative fee (upon document re-issuance) is 340 UAH

The application takes at least three weeks. The person must be legally in Ukraine at the receipt document time. So you should count your own precious time and use the experienced lawyers services.

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