The tanning myths. How to do it right?

The tanning myths. How to do it right?

How often do you sunbath? Everyone sunbathed once in life. Is it useful to do or harmful? There are different mythes about the sunbathing.  Which ones are the most common?

The fitsr myth: you can’t get a tan in gloomy weather

This is not true. Approximately 80% of the sun’s rays are able to penetrate the clouds. This means it is important to use some skin protection such as sunscreen even if the day is gloomy. It is unbelievable but snowboarders and skiers get sunburns in winter. They have an elevated level to get skin cancer. People get burns not because of the high temperature. They get it because of the intensity of ultraviolet light. If the UV index is higher than 5 you need to protect your skin. It will be enough to look in any weather forecast to find out about it.

The second myth: a light tan is useful

The doctors know any sunburn is a reaction of our skin to damage.  There is no safe tanning level. The excess sun is very dangerous. It accelerates aging and can cause the cancer. The UV radiation penetrates deep into the skin. It damages the DNA and can cause mutations in the result. It leads to serious diseases if it happen often. Did you know the sun is one of the main causes of premature wrinkles ? The sunny radiation destroys the skin’s natural collagen. It is responsible for the epithelium elasticity.

The third myth: you should use the panthenol or the sour cream when you got sunburn

You don’t need to do this categorically. Such “treatment” methods are very popular in Ukraine. These are too dangerous methods. The panthenol does not heal burns. Its instruction indicate it is a drug for wound healing. There are two useful substances really help with burns: the water and the tetrafluoroethane. They provides cold. The cetostearyl alcohol also includes in this preparation. It is unlikely to help you. It is used to make creams quality thickener in cosmetics. This substance has a very negative effect on the burn.

Why is it better not to use the sour cream? It contains fat. It covers the pores. The moisture does not come out of the skin. The edema formes as result. The fat also serves as a thermal insulator. The heat does not come out. It more depressing the situation. The main task with burns – to cool the skin. The experts recommend consult a dermatologist. The UniExpert application will help you choose the best specialist. You can find a doctor near you and view reviews about him from other users.

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