The Ukrainian citizenship on the basis of a marriage with the Ukrainian. How to get it?

The Ukrainian citizenship on the basis of a marriage with the Ukrainian. How to get it?

What conditions allow you to obtain Ukrainian citizenship ? There are a birth in this country, an establishment of child guardianship, a territorial origin and others. The one of the most popular methods is a marriage with Ukrainian.

What should be done before the applying for the citizenship?

It is important to fulfill all the conditions stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine. The general rules to getting the Ukrainian passport:

 • A knowledge of the state language;

 • A knowledge and an observance of the basic law of Ukraine;

• To have an official permit to emigrate to Ukraine;

• A residence on the territory of Ukraine continuously for five years;

• A renunciation of a foreign citizenship. Ukrainian legislation prohibits dual citizenship.

This is not a complete list of the requirements. It is important to have an official source of income for example. The process is simplified if the citizenship is obtained on the marriage basis. It is required to live 3 years continuously and not 5.

What documents must be submitted to obtain citizenship on the marriage basis?

It is necessary to issue the application in two copies and to prepare three photos of standard size. It is 3.5 by 4.5 cm. What other documents are needed:

1. A certificate can confirm continuous residence in a marriage with the Ukrainian for two years

2. A copy of the wife or husband passport

3. A documentary proof of the state language knowledge

4. An absence declaration of the another state citizenship or an obligation to terminate the citizenship

What are the features?

This process is not simple and quite lengthy. The process lasts a year. It happens longer. This is due to the increased incidence of the fictitious marriages.

The Migration Service checks each document with special care. You may be refused at the slightest mistakes in documents. It is important to use the professional lawyers services. Use the UniExpert application to find a quality lawyer.

The final stage is the decision of the President of Ukraine. The person receives a temporary identity card of a citizen of Ukraine. A passport can be obtained if you renounced your previous citizenship.

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