The victims rights protection in criminal proceedings

The victims rights protection in criminal proceedings

Unfortunately no one is protected to become a victim of criminal trials. The person is not silent as a rule. The person applies to law enforcement agencies to initiate a criminal case. The person receives the victim status. His rights will be protected by law enforcement and the court for to ensure a justice.

What rights does the victim have?

The memo that is issued by law enforcement agencies indicates the following rights of the victim:

1. To provide evidence of offenses against her to the investigator, prosecutor and court

2. To submit an application the state petitions and objections

3. The ensuring your own safety if there is a risk of repeated attack

4. The right to receive compensation for an offense against her. The Criminal Code of Ukraine controll this process

5. To appeal not only the decision but also the inaction of official law enforcement agencies: prosecutor, investigator, court.

The person has the right to have law enforcement not only immediately accept the application but also registered the offense to begin the search for suspects. The person may participate in investigative as well as search activities. The victim has opportunity to submit comments and questions during investigative actions under the law.

Legal experts recommend victims to read the protocols, to review its carefully, especially how their own testimony were recorded. You can sign documents if the information is true.

Remember the victim has the right to reconciliation with the accused or suspect. It is no matter what stage of the criminal proceedings. It is possible officially enter into a reconciliation agreement on favorable terms for the victim.

What are the responsibilities of the victim?

The victim also has obligations in addition to rights. So he must:

1. Do not disclose investigative information without the official permission of law enforcement agencies

2. Do not interfere with the disclosure of the circumstances of a criminal case

3. To arrive at the summons of the court, prosecutor or investigator. If you can’t, do not forget to warn in advance

Remember you have the right to a lawyer when your rights are violated. The using the professional expert services will increase your chances of success in a court.

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