To choose the right garland: what you need to know in order not to burn down your house for the New Year?

To choose the right garland: what you need to know in order not to burn down your house for the New Year?

It is necessary not only to look at how the decoration is combined with other toys. It is important to assess the safety of such an electrical device. The tree can catch fire in the event of a short circuit. It will lead to a terrible tragedy. It will ruin the mood for the holidays.

People who bought untested garlands can understand the children’s fairy tale “Burn the Christmas tree!”. Such situations happen every year unfortunately. Citizens choose a garland or try to save money. It is expensive for them later.

What you need to know about supermarket lights?

You can see garlands with different price tags on the shelves now. They start at about 80 hryvnia, and can reach several thousand hryvnia. It is important to understand whatever the cost of such goods, almost all of them are stamped “Made in China”. Such goods go through a difficult path before getting to Ukraine. The product may be damaged for this period.

Customers are advised to check the health of the garland in the store. Take a close look at the bulbs and wires to keep everything intact. Because such small problems are risk factors. It is important to know if there is a warranty for this garland. It will be useful to keep a check for at least two weeks to return the goods in case of breakage.

Important rules from experts so that the garland does not cause problems

You should smell a garland when you choose it. If you smell an unpleasant, pungent chemical odor, it is phenol. A dangerous substance that negatively affects the brain and respiratory system. It is necessary to study the marking of the garland. Check the IP record. It means the degree of protection of the product. This indicator should be at level 44 for a garland. This manufacturer’s mark makes the garland safe for home use. You can install it in the yard or on the balcony, but at the same time there must be at least some kind of awning. This degree of protection allows moisture or snow to enter.

It must be IP23 marked to use the garland outdoors. There is no marking at all, then such a garland cannot be used at all. Neither as a decoration for a Christmas tree, nor as a decoration for furniture, and even more so curtains can not be decorated. It’s better not to buy such nonsense. Such a garland can sparkle from any voltage drop and then a tragedy will happen. If you choose the cheapest garland, then pay attention to the one that is powered by a battery. It’s safer.

It is important to look for quality certification marks on the garlands. It will cost at least 400 hryvnia. The safety is guaranteed. It will be able to work for many years. It is better not to skimp on security. It’s important to consider another risk factor before you hang the garland. It is pets. There is a risk they will bite the wire, get an electric shock, and sparks can ignite the tree. It is advisable to place the garland so that pets do not reach it with their teeth.