What do you need to know to protect yourself from fines?

What do you need to know to protect yourself from fines?

Did you know the lowest road deaths are in Norway?
Such accident’s mortality here is in 6 times less than in Ukraine. Maybe it has to do with the size of the fines. Who knows ?

What is a fine?

A fine is money must be paid if an administrative offense is violated and this fact was confirmed by a court verdict. A fine can be imposed for administrative and for criminal liability. It is very unpleasant to receive punishment so it is better to avoid them.

To avoid fines you need to understand what they are getting for. It can be divided into:

– Fines on the road

– Fines not related to the road.

Drivers violate the rule of speed. For speeding over 20 km / year you will receive a fine of 255 UAH and for speeding over 50 km / year you will be fined 510 UAH. Remember if you pay the fine within 10 days you pay only 50% of its value, ie 122.5 and 255 UAH respectively.

The second most popular fine is called “riding on the sidewalk.” It is also evaluated in 255 UAH. Many drivers park their car on the lawn or sidewalk. Parking can be done only on the edge of the sidewalk and provided the pedestrian traffic is not less two meters. If a high curb interferes with parking and you need to drive around sidewalk is also a violation for which you will have to pay. If you are in a hurry you must not ignore the red traffic light. If you did it you will have to pay 425 UAH. For incorrect passage of the railway crossing the fine will be more than 800 UAH. Besides it is very dangerous for your life. It is better to pass pedestrians and trains. It is not only from a moral point but also from a financial one.

It is better to check the availability of all your documents before you drive. Their absence will cost 425 UAH.

If you carry a child under 140 cm or under 12 y.o. in the front seat you must be prepared for warning. There is a fine of 51 UAH for not wearing a seat belt or helmet’s absence. Experts advise you to follow the rules on the road. It can save lives not only for you but also for others.

You can get a fine not only while driving a car. For example a pedestrian crosses the road at a red traffic light or runs across the carriageway. Then he must lay out their own funds to the state budget.

One more popular fine is drinking alcohol in a public place. For the first time it will be a fine of up to 85 UAH. For the second – it is up to 119 UAH. And for the third – it is up to 136 UAH. And it will be arrest for 15 days or correctional work for 2 months.

To avoid fines just follow the traffic rules. And if you were innocently fined ask for professional lawyer’s help. The best specialist you can choose in the UniExpert app.

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