What is a government hotline? When to apply?

What is a government hotline? When to apply?

The government hotline is an important lever for civil society to influence the work of the authorities executive. It allows citizens to control and to improve the system of government, to organize the work of these establishes . The government contact center process such calls.

What is the efficiency of the government hotline?

More than seven years have passed since the beginning of such a program. During this time the government hotline received significant support and popularity among the public. What’s the secret? You can contact the  during the whole day by phone or through functionality of the main site of this system, namely “ukc.gov.ua”. Such appeals reach the executive branch in various formats:





The citizens can apply not only from any region of the country but also from abroad. More than six million citizens have already benefited of this service. For example there are registered about 1.8 million appeals for 2016 . The government does not have more effective centers of communication. When the center’s specialists receive telephone calls
they provide quality and meaningful assistance. Then specialists transmit information to competent authorities who must respond to appeals. Experts also provide clarifications on current legislation by telephone. You do not need to wait for a written response from the local authority. Citizens often ask regarding the provision of social assistance to persons with disabilities or low-income families. Corruption, utilities, pensions are just some of the issues that people are asking and receive answers every day. It is very convenient that people do not need to stand in line for officials and they can be solved at home with help telephone or e-mail.

How to keep the number of the government contact center always at hand?

Do you know how useful the UNIEXPERT application? Just keep that. There are the main numbers of Ukraine. There is a government hotline number. So when you need to contact the required service (for example to receive legal aid or advice from a pension fund) you do not need to search them online. Just open the irreplaceable UNIEXPERT.

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