What is the most popular reason for litigation?

What is the most popular reason for litigation?

Have you been at the hearing? The court sessions are held every day. What people are suing for?

What court applications are the most popular in Ukraine?

Experts note the civil cases number has decreased in recent years. The court received 1.6 million complaints in 2013. There were 1.3 in 2014. It is less than one million in 2016. This trend continues. Statistics can show us the most popular reasons for lawsuits. It includes only reviewed cases.

The bank deposits, loans and credits. There are the most common reasons for going to the court. They make up a third of all requests.

Divorces are the second place of lawsuits. It is fourth of the total requests. Family lawyer service is popular in Ukraine. Use the UniExpert to choose a quality specialist. It helps you to choose not only a qualified specialist but also the nearest.

The inheritance and alimony issues are near 10% of all appeals. They have grown but not significantly in recent years. The right to private property closes the
list of the five most popular lawsuits.

What to do before the hearing?

The most important is to understand the appeal subject. You need to understand the specifics of a legal issue.

It is important to prepare an effective plan to protect your interests, find evidence and make copies all documents will be useful in the case. To understand all the intricacies of Ukrainian legislation is difficult for ordinary citizens. So it is useful to consult with proven lawyers who have significant experience. You will be able to increase your chances to defense in the court thus.

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