What is the sequence of actions when your property damage unintentional. For example by a neighbor from above?

What is the sequence of actions when your property damage unintentional. For example by a neighbor from above?

Did you have any problems due the city water supply damage? There are lot of nerves and forces when your property suffered by the accident . What to do if the neighbors made a flood ? There are two sides of the coin. First is you do not want to create problems in relations with neighbors, and second there is no desire to pay money for new repairs on their own.

Where to turn in such incident?

This situation can be solved by various methods:

– The first option is the best for everyone. It is the fastest and least problematic. You tell your neighbors what happened, invite them to see what is happening in your apartment. You estimate the losses together, discuss the amount, neighbors compensate all losses or eliminate the disaster by themselves. For example re-glued wallpapers. And you continue to live on good terms.

– The second option is less pleasant. If you went up to the neighbors, politely explained situation and they refused your offer it remains only to resolve the issue through official authorities.

What do you need to do?

The first thing is to establish the fact of apartment’s flooding. The least you can do to take a picture situation but that will not be enough. It is required to form a special commission. Its includes:

  1. The plumber
  2. The locksmith
  3. The chairman of the commission (this may be the chairman of the association of the apartment building’s co-owners)
  4. The culprit of the flood

If the latter does not appear he is obliged to write a refusal or he agrees with an expertise without his participation. The act of flooding is only a small formality. It must indicate: who lives in the apartment and what was damaged. Everyone members of the commission sign the act after that. If the culprit does not sign – it automatically means his guilt. The perpetrators may behave indecently in such situations. They are threaten or insult to a neighbor who has been flooded. But everyone behaves differently in a court. Moreover no one forbids to conduct video in your apartment. You can contact the police and then the perpetrator will also suffer an administrative penalty.

There may be a situation when the court does not look at the acts of housing and communal services. You can be sent to the forensic bureau or to a private company. If this was not done before the court -you will be given 45 days to resolve this issue.

State-owned companies conduct such examinations free of charge but for too long. Verification period

can reach up to 6 months. Private firms do it quickly but not for free. The price will be depend on the company itself.

Follow the expert’s actions closely during the evaluation. The lawyer can be present with you. The main thing is the expert writes who is the culprit and what is the amount of payment.

What documents do you need:

– Act of housing and communal services on apartment’s flooding

– Statement to the police

– Notification from the Chief of Police the perpetrator has been prosecuted

– Expert assessment

You can also apply to the court for material compensation for non-pecuniary damage. Remember you have to stand up for your rights always.

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