What should a pensioner remember to avoid deductions from pension?

What should a pensioner remember to avoid deductions from pension?

The pension system is complex and it has many subtleties. For example, there is a basic pension. Its amount is determined by law as well as various allowances, indexing, and more. In some situations, a part of benefits is taken from a pensioner.

When it happens most often and how to prevent it

It sounds funny, but the employment of a pensioner affects the right to receive allowances and additional payments. If a pensioner works, he is not provided with a recalculation of the pension in the event of an increase in the size of the subsistence minimum. So work is very harmful for retirement.

Another interesting situation: non-working pensioners who have dependent children under the age of 18 are entitled to receive a supplement to their pension in the amount of 150 hryvnia. But if this pensioner works, then such a bonus is impossible.

If you are forced to work in a specialty gave you the right to receive this type of pension, then get ready for trouble: your pension will most likely be taken away from you. How logical and adequate it will be for everyone, judge for yourself.

At the time of the reassignment of the pension, the pensioner must report employment to the Pension Fund within ten days. However, if the pensioner does not report it on his own, the pension authorities will become aware of it. Why is this happening?

Because on an ongoing basis, the data is checked and verified against state registers. It relate to compulsory social insurance of individuals and legal entities. So the employment becomes known quickly. However, the system will calculate how many supplements to the pension were paid to the person illegally in the period before the receipt of information on employment in the pension fund. There are three options for what happens to “illegally obtained funds as a result of fraud or abuse”:

⚠️ return voluntarily

⚠️ return after the judgment

⚠️ return by the decision of local governments in relation to the Pension Fund.

To get rid of unpleasant pension contributions, it is very important to be attentive to their duties. For example, to avoid trouble, you can consult with a lawyer. This will save you nerves and money.