Where can Ukrainians go during the quarantine?

Where can Ukrainians go during the quarantine?

It’s time for the summer vacation. But favorite places  are  unavailable due to the quarantine.

Where can Ukrainians go in 2020?

There is an interactive resource. You can see updated information about what countries you can visit. The World Health Organization is updating the list of the countries open to the EU citizens. The following information is analyzed for:

· Number of infections per 100 thousand population

· Disease dynamics

· Percentage of infection

These lists are not very stable. So you should not take tickets in advance. There is currently a list of countries can be visited. For example Albania. You can visit freely. Ukrainians can also visit Belarus.

But only after 14 days of the isolation. The same rules expect tourists who have gathered in the UK. 

The border with Egypt is open for the lovers of sea holidays. All hotels and all types of tourism are open for Ukrainians. You can visit Iran and Iraq if you like warm lands.

Those who are interested in the history of the Vikings,  the spruce and the mountains can visit Ireland. This country opened its borders to Ukrainians.  As well as Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya. It is possible subject to 14 days of the quarantine.

South Sudan has slightly tougher conditions for visiting the country. You need to pass the Covid-19 test and a two-week observation.

It is also possible to visit the United States. But if you have not already were in the Schengen countries, Great Britain, Ireland, Brazil, China. So carefully choose the route for your tour. It may be first to visit the US first. And then maybe the European countries.

If you decide to take the COVID-19 test. It will open up doors to such countries if the result is neggative:

· Montenegro

· Tunisia

You will be obliged undergo quarantine in Tunisia and in Slovenia. There are special restrictions for tourists in Tajikistan and Somalia. You have personally obtain the permission from the Government of Tajikistan. Restrictions for tourists in Somalia are necessary find out in advance. The borders of Turkey are open to you. But keep in mind a mandatory item in the insurance. It is necessary to issue an insurance policy for COVID- 19. This condition will be needed to visit Tanzania.

Take a care and follow the conditions of the quarantine. And all will be fine.

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