Where to visit in Ukraine? Let’s talk about the best places to relax in 2020

Where to visit in Ukraine? Let’s talk about the best places to relax in 2020

How has your life changed after the mass borders closure in the world? Many people limited in their ability to travel freely to different countries. It is creates opportunities for the domestic tourism boom in Ukraine. There are a lot of interesting and quality places where everyone can relax.

The seaside resorts in Ukraine. What to choose?

The first thing people think about is a vacation at sea in the summer. Everyone can choose what he likes: the Black Sea or the Sea of ​​Azov. It is great to travel to Odessa if you like entertainment and leisure for example. There are beaches for young people such as “The Arcadia”. There are enough beaches for a quieter holiday like “The Langeron” and “The Otrada”. Everyone has heard about all the wonderful places. There is even an opportunity to get thrills. You can visit the real catacombs in Odessa.

You can go to Mykolayiv and Kherson area also to relax on the Black Sea. There are many places for every taste. It is recommended to visit Dzharilgach – the only uninhabited island in Ukraine. There is the largest desert in Europe -Oleshkiv Sands.

Where to get extreme in Ukraine?

Our country is multifaceted. Every tourist can find something he liking here. You can visit the Southern Bug (Nikolaev area) for example. There are rafting classes. It’s an incredible feeling when your boat goes down the mountain rapids in a fast current. There are opportunities to have a good time both professionals and beginners. There are different routes. The water is warm here.

Have you already climbed the highest point of Ukraine – the Mount Hoverla? There are many mountains and opportunities to climb in the Carpathians. All difficulties associated with climbing up are forgotten immediately after you reach the top.

How to organize a cognitive vacation?

You can dive in real Ukrainian history if you do not want to conquer mountain rivers or bask on the beach in 2020. There are many historical monuments and fortresses in our country. There are many such buildings left by Poles and Hungarians in western Ukraine. Tourists can see the fantastic Crimean Tatar and Ottoman fortresses in the south of the country. You can see the Ackerman Fortress in Belgorod-Dniester. Many people come to the Velyki Sorochyntsi village every year. It have its own national color. It is located in Poltava region. There is the Sorochynsky fair known not only in Ukraine. Tourists like this place not only because of the opportunity to buy unique souvenirs but also because they can gain a unique experience in the development of folk crafts.

Ukraine is multifaceted. There are deserts, islands, mountains, seas, The Cossack Sich. This is just a small part of the ‘pearls’ for travelers. Let’s discover new places in our own country.

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