Why the coworking is the future of the world economy?

Why the coworking is the future of the world economy?

Do you know the term coworking is 15 years old this year? The idea came up with one programmer – Brad Newberg from San Francisco. The reason was the usual routine: the man did not have enough conversations not about work in the workplace and  the labor productivity was low when he work remotely. So he rented a small place, gathered a few like-minded people who paid small dues and organized a place where everyone could work on their projects as they saw fit. It is interesting but when there were specialists from various fields, they were shared fresh thoughts that allowed everyone to achieve better results.

What do the coworking spaces offer now?

The first coworking space, accidentally created by a developer in San Francisco, offered free Wi-Fi, shared meals and cycling. Initially it was not a business, but just a hobby club, which was created as ideal workplace.

There are many companies organize new coworking and offer quality service now. There are gyms, tennis tables, kitchens and even areas for children for example. This is done to attract as many potential audiences as possible. This primarily applies to freelancers and IT companies.

Why is it profitable to work in coworking and for whom is it suitable?

There are many advantages for both single programmers and large companies. The first is convenient because they do not work alone at home but at the same time retain their independence. Since they can change coworking at any time.

Many developers become freelancers because it is difficult to get along with the team or not enough new people and communication. They become independent thanks to the coworking system. Specialists need to organize business meetings with clients, but inviting them home is not very convenient. The coworking spaces often offer specially equipped meeting rooms.

What is the benefit to coworking companies:

1. The ability to save on the rent. It is very useful for a beginner startup

2. The easy way to move, as it will be enough just to take your laptop, get in a vehicle and go to another coworking space (there are photocopiers, printers and everything else for office works in the most coworking)

3. The flexible rental payment system for companies. A fixed rental price is paid, regardless of the number of employees, which may change frequently. The amount is paid for a certain number of employees in a coworking space.

The various offers from coworking spaces help businesses to be flexible in their choice of optimal location. It is believed that this system is the future. It appeared 15 years ago in the USA. There are a lot of coworking spaces in Ukraine now.

More and more companies are switching to coworking. They are realizing the benefits of such a model in today’s fast-growing world.

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