A new Internet resource has been created. It will report on the state of national security in the regions of Ukraine

A new Internet resource has been created. It will report on the state of national security in the regions of Ukraine

The preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state lies on Ukrainian people also. The new open web resource is very beneficial and useful. It was recently created and presented at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council. Portal tasks: monitoring and full analysis of the state of national security. This primarily concerns regional development trends. As well as forecasting political and social processes at the regional level.

What else has the NSDC press service reported about the new Internet resource?

Thanks to the new portal, each user can have up-to-date, reliable information about the main indicators and processes that will characterize the life of certain regions. This resource was personally presented by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov at the National Cyber ​​Security Coordination Center.

The product consists of three blocks:

1️⃣ Monitoring of the electoral process. It allowes to compare the results of local elections in the current year. Analytics by parties and self-nominated candidates, RTC chairmen and others are also available separately.
2️⃣ Territorial organization of local self-government. Users receive information about the new administrative-territorial structure. You can see statistics on this issue also.
3️⃣ Formation of representative bodies of local self-government. This block allows us to assess the results of this year’s election race. For example, the number of registered voters and the number of votes cast for each candidate. You can also find out the total number of spoiled or invalid ballots.

What are the benefits of this information product?

Some of the data presented on the new resource was already publicly available. For example, thre is on the CEC website. All the information you need is on a single web portal now. The number of blocks will increase to provide communities with more official information. It also protects ordinary citizens from unreliable media.

This will help experts, analysts and journalists to conduct a qualitative analysis of the regional dimension. The more control from the side of society, the less chances the enemy has to encroach on democratic values. It is possible to protect the right of Ukrainians to a fair choice of their representatives in power.