How to find out that a lawsuit has been filed against you before the ruling appears in the register of court decisions?

How to find out that a lawsuit has been filed against you before the ruling appears in the register of court decisions?

After a claim is filed against a physical or legal person, the court accepts it and enters it in the register of court decisions. Entrepreneurs at different levels, and especially large companies, need to check the status of various lawsuits, as resolving conflicts through the courts is not uncommon for them. However, as a rule, the corresponding decision can appear rather late in the register.

Every lawyer understands how important to respond to any claim. It’s good if the claim was filed on time or the lawyer managed to notice. But, as a rule, there are a lot of such claims, and the company’s lawyer does not have time to pay attention to everything in time, which can lead to serious troubles.

What to do in this situation?

You can have a whole staff of lawyers who will track each claim. But this can be done easier. For example, there is a special system for searching and analyzing judicial practice – the PravoSud. The system made it possible to automate a complex process. It saved lawyers from having to perform daily registry searches.

It is possible to track the “Case status” by the name of a legal entity or the name of an individual. You can find out important information about the initiation of a case before it appears in the register. Before the creation of this search engine, it was necessary not only to regularly visit the website, but also to look for specific data in the appropriate forms. It is rather inconvenient. The PravoSud system won the competition for projects based on OpenData data.

Another interesting feature is the search for decisions of the European Court. You can evaluate the declarations of Ukrainian judges and see how they have changed in previous years in the database. Go to the special section “Analysis of Judges”, where you can find acts of the Verkhovna Rada of Justice in relation to a particular judge.

An analysis was carried out of how the judge deals with cases for each legal entity. It was carried out what decisions did he make also. Such data will be very useful in planning your own strategy in the trial.

What made it possible to create such a convenient monitoring tool?

The state judicial administration has gradually begun to open up data on the state of affairs in recent years. The monitoring tool in beta testing step. Judicial data for 2017-2020 is available. The State Judicial Administration (SJA) discloses more and more data. The PravoSud system provides users with more useful information. If you need to find a professional lawyer, it is best to use the UniExpert application.