A new modern data center will appear in Kherson region. What is known about the first Data Center in Ukraine and what problems will it solve?

A new modern data center will appear in Kherson region. What is known about the first Data Center in Ukraine and what problems will it solve?

Imagine the investing in the small town of New Kakhovka in Kherson region in the amount of one billion dollars for the construction of a large-scale technology center. This technopark will solve the world problems associated with increasing data processing speed. The Ministry of Digital Transformation announced the emergence of a large-scale Data Center.

What is known about the new technopark?

Significant funds will be invested in the new project, and more than 200 new jobs will be created. This technological project will be created and launched for the first time in Ukraine. The international technology holding TECHIIA made an investment in this project. They signed a memorandum. It indicated plans for investment, cooperation and development of relations with the Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine. The Ministry informs that the Agro-farm will also be part of the ecological technopark.

The Ecotechnopark is only one of the projects to be created and launched. The data center in New Kakhovka will have a capacity of up to 500 MW. Important data will be processed and stored there, as well as 3D rendering.

The peculiarity of the new data center is that it will create according to the latest standards and technology. The care for the environment is also taken into account. This means that the heat generated by the center can be used and disposed of in the agricultural sector, which will be a part of the technopark.

More than $ 200,000,000 investment will be attracted to improve infrastructure. This amount of money will be needed to implement the first stage of the project.

Why is a large-scale Ecotechnopark project under construction in Ukraine?

It is profitable for investors, because we have fast internet, cheap energy, convenient geographic location for clients from Europe and Asia, as well as human resources. Yuri Lazebnikov, the Managing Director of the TECHIIA Holding, expressed this opinion.

The Memorandum of Cooperation describes the work not only to create Ecotechnopark, but also to improve the necessary infrastructure for holding international competitions in cybersport disciplines. There are arenas and hotels. The TECHIIA and the Ministry of Digital Technology Transformation agreed on the development of STEM education in Ukraine.

Mikhail Fedorov, who heads the modern Ministry of Digital Transformation, is optimistic. He is confident that our state will be able to strengthen its positions in the world arena. The minister assures that Ukraine can become a powerful IT center not only in Eastern, but also in Central Europe. This will bring even more investment to the country in turn.

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