How to track deputies who are sending spam to important amended laws?

How to track deputies who are sending spam to important amended laws?

Spam occurred during voting for language law, land reform and a number of others legislative initiatives. This is done in order to after the first reading on a particular bill, before it is approved in the second final vote, all proposed amendments must be considered. This manipulation is used to delay the process of adopting laws or to block it completely.

What to do about it?

Movement HONESTLY offers a simple solution to the problem at a briefing on October 10. Analysts of a well-known social movement HONESTLY offered a tool, which they have developed recently. This system will allow you to track deputies who make inadequate amendments to laws; and also determine how these people relate to each other. This is will allow you to analyze the edits and determine when they are repeated by different deputies. Thus, they spam the work of the Verkhovna Rada, which is funded by citizens’ money.

How does it work?

Anyone can go to the main page of the tool and see the collected data on the legislative activities of the deputies. You can see the 20 most active ruling deputies here. The service is convenient to use. You can select a specific faction or a separate group to see the number of edits from a certain deputy in the interactive menu.

With the help of analytics, you can see the lists of laws on which more amendments were made, how many of them were considered at the plenary session and how the people’s deputies voted. Through this mechanism, public organizations and the public will be able to control the activities of people’s deputies. This will help voters understand which of the deputies is the puppet of a particular oligarchic group in turn. It will give more correct answers, for whom it is worth voting, and whom it is better to refuse.

The developer of this tool is Oksana Stavniychuk, a leading parliamentary analyst from the HONEST Movement. People need to know who votes in Ukraine and what prevents the parliament from adopting laws adequately. According to the director of this product, this will help increase the transparency of the work of the legislative branch of power in Ukraine.

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