A woman made a will to the prosecutor to save her own son from prison

A woman made a will to the prosecutor to save her own son from prison

What are mothers willing to go to to protect their child? One woman even bequeathed all her movable and immovable property to the prosecutor for this. When “Everything” is written, it means “everything that she has now and she can have then, from whatever it is and wherever it is”.

What is the reason for the imprisonment of the son of a generous woman?

An interesting case was told by the press secretary of the Kiev prosecutor’s office Nadezhda Maksimets. According to her, for a week the persons involved in the criminal case have been trying by all means to drag out the court sessions. The most interesting decision to get rid of criminal liability was the will of the defendant’s mother. What is this accusation, for the sake of salvation from which a woman wants to give all her property?

The case of a group of currency swindlers. They were detained by law enforcement officers recently. According to the investigation, for about five months these scoundrels deceived customers with the help of fake exchange offices.

After another scam for $ 64,000, law enforcement officers caught four guys. Suspicion was announced to the detainees, and petitions were filed with the courts to choose a preventive measure in the form of detention. All the time, while the sessions of the Pechersk District Court are being held, the investigator is constantly trying to intervene.

How do currency traders try to disrupt the court session?

The hearings are postponed due to a motion by the defense to challenge a judge, secretary and prosecutor. It has been done more than once. In addition, they call for medical assistance without justification. It interrupts the court sessions. The court receive conflicting requests regularly: either about holding meetings with the participation of suspects, or by videoconference.

It’s not all. One of the suspects has filed a certificate of positive test result for COVID-19 with the court. However, according to the press secretary of the prosecutor’s office, the certificate had all the signs of forgery. It is being clarified how and by whom this “document” was drawn up, since the indicated medical organization did not issue this certificate. When all this did not help, they used mother’s will of one of the suspectsfor in the name of the prosecutor. Do you think it was a bribe to free your son? No, it is not. Such a document creates artificial grounds for challenging the prosecutor and dragging out the trial. We wonder if this will happen again with the new prosecutor?