The man arbitrarily proclaimed himself the head of the village – will a criminal case be initiated?

The man arbitrarily proclaimed himself the head of the village – will a criminal case be initiated?

A resident of a village in Nikolayev region wanted to feel like a manager and became a self-proclaimed village headman. It was reported by the Security Service of Ukraine. They discovered a fake village council and stopped its activities.

According to the SSU, a local supporter of the ideology of democracy created an illegal village council with the aim of destabilizing the socio-political situation in a particular region.

What was important in this case?

This person took an active part in the work of the All-Ukrainian National Congress in the capital of Ukraine in December last year. The purpose of this illegal rally was to create parallel authorities in our country. It would lead to chaos and de-escalation of the political situation in the state.

This time the man had accomplices. He gathered his fellow villagers (perhaps by promising them illegal benefits), who elected him as their “headman.” The fictitious documents were created in order to somehow legalize the new “self-government body”. In addition, the person did not hide his crime, but, on the contrary, actively ran social networks. He told the public about his activities as a “professional and leader”.

The Prosecutor General’s Office adds information this resident of the village of Pokrovka on September 27 last year acquired a seal with the inscription “Pokrovsky Village Council”. Then he sent “official” letters to the territorial election commission. He announced the termination of the powers of the current head of the village and appointed himself to this position. During the search, law enforcement officers confiscated the seal from this “village headman”, which he used in correspondence with state institutions.

A criminal case was initiated under the article “Unauthorized appropriation of power or the title of an official.” The man is awaiting the trial and sentence. It is not the first time such cases have occurred in Ukraine. For example, the SSU blocked a fake city council in Khmelnytsky in October 2020. An illegal group of people elected deputies, a chairman and liquidated the current city council by their illegal voting.