Can Ukrainians receive a pension in Europe? Portugal, Poland and other countries

Can Ukrainians receive a pension in Europe? Portugal, Poland and other countries

Did you know pension funds of different countries cooperate with each other? For example Ukrainian institution has treaties with more than twenty other states. Before applying for a pension in Europe, it is important to understand the specifics of these agreements and the conditions for receiving a pension provision.

What are the pension agreements between states and how do they differ?

There are two types of agreements between pension funds in different countries. They are divided into two principles. There are territorial and proportional.

The first means that the pension is paid by the state in whose territory the person lives. There are similar signed agreements with the following states:

✅ Georgia

✅ Romania

✅ Hungary

The proportional principle is radically different. This means that the eligibility for a pension is defined as the sum of the length of service obtained in the two countries. For example, a person has worked in Poland for the last ten years, and before that for 25 years in Ukraine. So his insurance experience gives him the right to receive a Polish pension. However, its size will be less than the minimum, because the analog The Pension Fund in Poland pays only for the years that a person has worked.

In which countries does the proportional system work? This is especially true in Poland and Portugal. There are also such agreements with Spain, Slovakia and beyond.

What is needed to receive a Polish pension?

The pension there does not have a fixed amount. The more contributions to ZUS, the more pension. This is called a funded pension. It is just beginning to be implemented in Ukraine.

Men aged 65 and over are entitled to a pension with a retirement record of at least 25 years in accordance with Polish law. This is 60 and 20 for women respectively. It is not necessary to get all the experience in Poland by proportional agreement. Even if you have only five years of work experience in Poland, you are still entitled to a pension.

To complete the insurance period, you need to pay your pension contribution to ZUS. This is done by you or your employer. Under what conditions can this fee be paid:

? You have your own company in Poland

? You have a contract, which is also called umowa zlecenia

? You are a part of a formal employment contract

If you have 15 years of insurance experience in Ukraine and ten years in Poland, Poland will pay for ten years, and the Ukrainian pension fund for fifteen years.

To add Ukrainian experience to Polish, you need to provide a special certificate in which it will indicate where you worked, what salary you received. This document must be translated into Polish and sent to Wydział Realizacji Umów International. Such offices are located throughout Poland, so you need to choose the one that matches your place of residence.

It is important to remember that in Poland there are special social programs that will not leave you in poverty in old age. If the Polish pension you received is less than the minimum, then there is a possibility of additional payment to it. What conditions must be met for this:

1. To live in Poland

2. To have relevant experience in Ukraine and Poland. It means 25 years for men and 20 years for women

3. The total Ukrainian and Polish pensions are less than the minimum in Poland, which is PLN 1,200 2020

The retirement in Portugal – how to get it?

What about Portugal? A pension is granted subject to the required length of service at the age of 65 in this country. Imagine a situation when a citizen of Ukraine worked in Ukraine for 17 years, and then 10 years in Portugal. When he turns sixty, he will be able to receive a Ukrainian pension for 17 years. And when he turns 65, he will receive a Portuguese pension, because he will have the necessary full insurance experience.

It is important it doesn’t matter if you live in Portugal or Ukraine. If a person chose life in Portugal, you need to contact the relevant pension authority to receive a pension transfer from Ukraine.

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